Name: Wei-Hsin Lee
DoB: January 25th,
Hometown: Markham, ON
E-mail: weihsinlee@live.ca
Phone: –
Reel: 2012 Stunt Reel


When and how did you start stunt work: In 2010/2011, I visited Los Angeles, California very frequently to train for competitive wushu/kung fu with coaches Sunny Sun (Sun Nuo) and Junchang Lu. At the end of my competitive wushu career, I became really inspired to start learning stunts after seeing all their work (and of many other friends) on the big screen.

What is your martial arts experience: I started wushu in 1998, and competed for the Canadian National Wushu Team until 2011. During my final year I finished 2nd overall in Canada, and 11th at the World Wushu Championships. I now coach and manage a school called Apex Martial Arts Academy.

How did you get involved with Eclipse Stunts: Met Alex and DL at Scarborough Elites Gymnastics and expressed interest in stunt work. Alex casted me in Hallowed 2 after seeing my skills that day.