Name: Kyle Stewart
DoB: 02/02/86
Hometown: Havre Boucher, NS
Website: N/A


When and how did you start stunt work: I started in my own back yard. I grew up in a small town nowhere near a big city, so I didn’t have many other options to begin. Starting with the standing backtuck I rapidly started progressing and it seemed to impress some people where I grew up so I wanted to learn more. Through watching online videos and training with friends, once I moved to Toronto in 2007, I compiled a decent arsenal of stunts that I could perform at will. Once in Toronto I slowly began to meet a lot of new people who shared my interests and we began to make stunt films together. I remember many nights and days going out with friends through downtown Toronto finding things to flip on, off, or over.

What is your martial arts experience: Technically I don’t have much Martial Arts experience. I have never taken any sort of martial arts classes. I’ve always just practiced on my own, mimicking moves/stunts I would see. Thats really how I learned most of my stunts, I watch someone else to it and just go for it. Luckily, it seemed to work most of the time.


How did you get involved with Eclipse Stunts: I met a friend when I lived in Nova Scotia working at Canadian Tire. Dan MacDonald was him name. Dan found out that I could do a backflip, and at the time he couldn’t. We began hanging out from time to time, since we both enjoyed tricking and doing stunts, and made a few short films with self choreographed fight scenes. Shortly after, Dan and I moved to Toronto and met many others who had the same passion and desire for stunts and film making that we did. I was introduced to Alex Chung shortly after moving to Toronto, although we had been speaking online since before I moved. We remained friends for many years, tricking through the streets of Toronto and making films. Through a lot of gym sessions and Networking we met enough people with the same goals to form a team of talented professionals. Eclipse Stunts!