Eclipse Stunts first appeared as Eclipse Stunt Crew back in 2005. Alex Chung and DL MacDonald first had the chance to collaborate with one another when they both moved to Toronto from other parts of Canada where they each had their own stunt teams. Back then the group consisted of 5 core members including Steven Clarke, Michael Piticco and Kyle Stewart. And an array of other actor fighters. In 2007 the team split up to follow other creative endeavours. Throughout their 2 years as a team they put together several fight scenes and also several shorts, some of which have never been seen. They even had started filming a feature that fell by the wayside during the split but lives on as some of their most creative fights on YouTube.


Now, 2013; and fresh off of a long run working with other film groups and production teams. Alex and DL have restarted Eclipse Stunts. Still featuring Kyle Stewart and bringing back an old friend Mark “Mooks” Miller (C2, Exit, Kickback, POE) but now also introducing Elana “Nova” Zatzman, Jonathan “JP” Pang and “Nibz” Manek. They plan on bringing only the best work to net and to select film festivals.