Do The Damn Thing: Ultimate

Starring: Leroy Nguyen, Fernando Jay Huerto, Edmond Shum, Alex Chung, Anthony Noceda, Eric Nguyen, Irvin Nguyen, Neil Aguilera

Directed By: Fernando Jay Huerto, Leroy Nguyen

Release Date: Feb 14th, 2016

Jay (Fernando Jay Huerto) hears that Alex (Alex Chung) is visiting San Diego to meet Neil (Neil Aguilera), Jay’s cousin. When Jay goes to meet up with Alex, he reunites with Andy Long (Alex Chung) instead. Soon after, Jay hears that Lester (Leroy Nguyen), a former brother-turned-enemy from the past, has come back to San Diego to meet up. Upon meeting with Lester, Jay and Alex run into Kung Fu Panda (Eric Nguyen), his brother Irvin (Irvin Nguyen), and Neil-fanatic Anthony (Anthony Noceda). Once Lester summons his brother-in-arms Edmond (Edmond Shum), a battle ensues that the likes of the Do the Damn Thing series has never before seen. This is the end-all test fight to…end all…test fights…