Name: Daniel “DL” MacDonald
DoB: April 19th, 1986
Hometown: Port Hawkesbury, NS
E-mail: DL@EclipseStunts.com
Phone: 416-949-2109
Reel: 2016 Stunt Reel
Website: www.dlmacdonald.com

When and how did you start stunt work: I started back in June of 2001. My cousin and a friend from school got together at my place and shot a video with my Aunt’s camera. I had the idea after discovering Eric Jacobus and the Stunt People online.

What is your martial arts experience: I have no formal Martial Arts training.

How did you get involved with Eclipse Stunts: In late 2005 Alex Chung and I met up in Toronto after a long time correspondence online through the SP Forums. We shot a fight scene right away and found a natural finesse for collaborating. Shortly after we collected a group of friends together as The Eclipse Stunt Crew and began making movies. In 2007 the group disbanded to pursue other endeavours and learn from new people. Alex and I reunited in 2012 with fresh ideas and ready to bring back Eclipse.