Name: Alex Chung
DoB: December 1st, 1987
Hometown: Belleville, ON
Phone: 647-390-7007
Reel: 2016 Stunt Reel
Website: Coming Soon


When and how did you start stunt work: I began making movies in 2001 with my parents’ busted up Hi8 camera. Many of them featured fight scenes inspired by Hong Kong action films of the 80s.

What is your martial arts experience: Tae Kwon Do (7 years), Judo (2 years), Boxing (2 years)

How did you get involved with Eclipse Stunts: DL MacDonald and I met on the Stunt People forums and eventually met up physically in Toronto. After collaborating on a few projects, we formed the Eclipse Stunt Crew with several other people and worked together for a year. After a 5 year hiatus, we have formed a new group. Bigger and better.